Thursday, July 28, 2016

Amigurumi Free Seamless Octopus Pattern - DIY Crochet Tutorial - Octopus in one piece, step-by-step

Free Amigurumi Seamless Octupus Pattern

Here you can find my version of an amigurumi octupus.
Little amigurumi octupuses are great for prematurely born babies - they can crab tentacles. A crocheted octopus can also be baby´s first toy to hold and to play with.
It´a known fact that babies like to grab or hold little things in their hands. My son was sleeping better with a ladybug in his both hands to feel secure.

I´m making these tiny amigurumi octopuses for preborn babies and will share my version with step-by step photos to help you to create these lovely toys for your loved one or try to find a hospital closest to you and donate them for ones in need.

I used Madame Tricote Camilla yarn and 2mm crochet hook, tentacles can´t be longer than 22 cm. My octopus pattern has tenacles max. 14 cm. Diameter is approx. 3 cm. If you use 2,5 or 3mm crochet hook then your octopus will be bigger. 

This amigurumi octopus pattern is the ultimate simplification of the real octopus, but I like it in this way. I´ve always liked minimalism, eyes can be added later, little embroidered eyes. This free pattern is seamless - in one piece, that makes it safer for a baby and easier to make.

(these were the first amigurumi octopuses I made)
1) Form a magic ring with 6 sc
2) 6 x Inc (12)
3) [1 Inc + 1 sc] all around (18)
4) [1 Inc + 2 sc] all around (24)
5) sc all around (24)
6) [1 Inc + 3 sc] all around (30)
7-9) sc all around (30)
10) [1 Invdec + 3 sc] all around (24)
11) sc all around (24)

(always click on the photo to enlarge)

Now, start to make tentacles, there will be 8 tentacles, octo :)
For that start to make a chain, 30 chain stitches, then

into 2nd stitch from the hook make 1 Inc - 2 single crochet into one, repeat the same all along, you´ll have the curly look

then make 3 sc on head and start to make another tentacle, this time 35 chain stitches. 

Make the same sequence all around, 30 ch. st. and 35 ch st and 2 single crochet into every st.

Continue without counting rows (Stuff gradually, I used sheep wool, a natural filling, can be washed as well): 1 single crochet, 2 tog. (Invdec) up to that point you´ll have 6 or 7 stitches left, make 1 slip stitch at the end, cut the yarn leaving a lengh of yarn 

Finish off with "neat finish"
Pick up stitches left one by one with the yarn needle and pull them together to have a neat and proper finish.

well done, your little octopus is ready :)

PS! You might want to embroider eyes on your amigurumi octopus.

and a special edition: two more rows added to head and tentacles are a bit different.

and all together:



  1. Adorable! Thank you! Just a little tweaking and it could be a jellyfish too! Again, thank you!

    1. Thank you too, I´m really glad you like them :)

  2. Thank you, they are cute as a button. I shared on pinterest. :-)

  3. Hi what does inc mean on your pattern please where you say " 6 inc" thank you x

    1. Jen, Inc means 2 single crochet into one stitch - 6 x Inc means 6 times single crochet into one - 12 sts. together :)

  4. To make the version with extra rows, do you just repeat some rows, thank you.

    1. Sadie, final row: 11) sc all around (24), make 2 more rows:
      11-13) sc all around and then follow pattern as usual :)

  5. Thanks so much! Will make these along with a matching color hat for them

  6. How are the tentacles different on the longer head one?

    1. Sharon, longer head one: I didn´t do only 2 single crochet into one, but sometimes did extra 3 chain stitches and then continued with 2 single crochet into one (5 times 2 single crochet into one, then 3 ch. sts. 5 times 2 single crochet into one, I guess).