Thursday, July 28, 2016

Amigurumi Free Seamless Octopus Pattern - DIY Crochet Tutorial - Octopus in one piece, step-by-step

Free Amigurumi Seamless Octupus Pattern

Here you can find my version of an amigurumi octupus.
Little amigurumi octupuses are great for prematurely born babies - they can crab tentacles. A crocheted octopus can also be baby´s first toy to hold and to play with.
It´a known fact that babies like to grab or hold little things in their hands. My son was sleeping better with a ladybug in his both hands to feel secure.

I´m making these tiny amigurumi octopuses for preborn babies and will share my version with step-by step photos to help you to create these lovely toys for your loved one or try to find a hospital closest to you and donate them for ones in need.

I used Madame Tricote Camilla yarn and 2mm crochet hook, tentacles can´t be longer than 22 cm. My octopus pattern has tenacles max. 14 cm. Diameter is approx. 3 cm. If you use 2,5 or 3mm crochet hook then your octopus will be bigger. 

This amigurumi octopus pattern is the ultimate simplification of the real octopus, but I like it in this way. I´ve always liked minimalism, eyes can be added later, little embroidered eyes. This free pattern is seamless - in one piece, that makes it safer for a baby and easier to make.

(these were the first amigurumi octopuses I made)
1) Form a magic ring with 6 sc
2) 6 x Inc (12)
3) [1 Inc + 1 sc] all around (18)
4) [1 Inc + 2 sc] all around (24)
5) sc all around (24)
6) [1 Inc + 3 sc] all around (30)
7-9) sc all around (30)
10) [1 Invdec + 3 sc] all around (24)
11) sc all around (24)

(always click on the photo to enlarge)

Now, start to make tentacles, there will be 8 tentacles, octo :)
For that start to make a chain, 30 chain stitches, then

into 2nd stitch from the hook make 1 Inc - 2 single crochet into one, repeat the same all along, you´ll have the curly look

then make 3 sc on head and start to make another tentacle, this time 35 chain stitches. 

Make the same sequence all around, 30 ch. st. and 35 ch st and 2 single crochet into every st.

Continue without counting rows (Stuff gradually, I used sheep wool, a natural filling, can be washed as well): 1 single crochet, 2 tog. (Invdec) up to that point you´ll have 6 or 7 stitches left, make 1 slip stitch at the end, cut the yarn leaving a lengh of yarn 

Finish off with "neat finish"
Pick up stitches left one by one with the yarn needle and pull them together to have a neat and proper finish.

well done, your little octopus is ready :)

PS! You might want to embroider eyes on your amigurumi octopus.

and a special edition: two more rows added to head and tentacles are a bit different.

and all together:



  1. Adorable! Thank you! Just a little tweaking and it could be a jellyfish too! Again, thank you!

    1. Thank you too, I´m really glad you like them :)

  2. Thank you, they are cute as a button. I shared on pinterest. :-)

  3. Hi what does inc mean on your pattern please where you say " 6 inc" thank you x

    1. Jen, Inc means 2 single crochet into one stitch - 6 x Inc means 6 times single crochet into one - 12 sts. together :)

  4. To make the version with extra rows, do you just repeat some rows, thank you.

    1. Sadie, final row: 11) sc all around (24), make 2 more rows:
      11-13) sc all around and then follow pattern as usual :)

  5. Thanks so much! Will make these along with a matching color hat for them

  6. How are the tentacles different on the longer head one?

    1. Sharon, longer head one: I didn´t do only 2 single crochet into one, but sometimes did extra 3 chain stitches and then continued with 2 single crochet into one (5 times 2 single crochet into one, then 3 ch. sts. 5 times 2 single crochet into one, I guess).

  7. On line 10) hat does 1 Invdec mean? Is it insert hook into next st and pull up a loop then do the same in the next st and yo and pull thru all loops to dec one stitch? I've never heard that term before?

    1. Hi Barbara Ann, Invdec means invisible decrease - front loop and front loop of the next st. together. Hope it helps :)

    2. Thank you very much. That helps alot.

  8. Thank you for the pattern. I love it. I've already made 8. 6 of them are going to the local hospital for preemies. I plan on doing lots more ��

    1. Cindy! Great to be a help - I´m glad you found the pattern useful :)